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“Good News” is the most valuable podcast I have listened, especially in terms of spirituality. It is very inspirational, relatable, and spiritually fulfilling and uplifting. I don’t think I could name my favorite segment because they all speak to me in equitable greatness! It seems as if “Good News” is somehow released just when I need a word of encouragement, or a reminder of how much God loves us... and he does love us!


Kay with the Good News has definitely impacted my life in a positive way. There were times when I was down, and her podcasts were right there to lift me up. My favorite podcast was her recent podcast called “Fire Starter.” It’s so easy to become discouraged during uncertain times like this. I remember waking up one night and feeling discouraged because of not being able to walk across the stage to receive my diploma and not knowing what was next in my life. However, after listening to “Fire Starter” I realized how important it is to be still and let God lead my path even through uncertain times. I am forever grateful for her podcasts  and encourage each and everyone of you to listen to her podcasts!!

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I'm Delvakio and I want to put you on game about a podcast I'm falling in love with.  It's Kay With the Good News Podcast.  Listening to this podcast has refreshed me.  I've felt conviction in areas I've been procrastinating in, courage to do task that I thought I wasn't ready for, and wisdom for assignments that I know God has called me to.  I love that Kay uses her platform to pray for us listeners and give us biblical background on how to tackle everyday life.  I'm working towards listening to the entire podcast but right now Reserved Seating and Fire Starter are my favorite episodes.   Listening has prompted me to be intense with dream planning, deeper in prayer, and cautious with how I spend my time.


Kayla’s podcast truly emulates her as a person. It’s real and genuine and conversational. It’s relatable and comfortable. Listening to her podcasts both inform and inspire me in a way. Seeing her walk in the purpose that God has called her to do, inspires me to continue staying on track and to not look at what’s going on around me. She talks about certain bible verses I’ve never read before and applies them to life situations. She breaks it all down so effortlessly and I can see that this is something God has called her to do. It’s like she makes it easier to understand and engage. Kayla is a beautiful spirit and joy to listen to.


My favorite podcast on Kay with the Good News is Reserved Seating. I came to realize by revelation that there were a lot of people in my life that did not understand the connection I had with God. Once I started to accept the gift that God has placed on my life, God blessed me with friends that are also seeking him. I also loved the Gem Kay said about, “not picking and choosing when to follow God’s commands.” I am now following each one of God’s commands with obedience 


Kay With The Good News podcast has been nothing less than a blessing for my life. I love Kay’s messages and how she creatively crafts her messages. The episodes are so good I have to sometimes re-listen over and over again!